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Raunchy Fat Chick

Now why would I put a bit of raunch up here? Well I clicked my mac photobooth and took a picture and took a few more. This is the more sedate of the raunchy pictures. I put it up here because I’ve been thinking about women’s bodies and in particular my own, which is the one I know the best, and how for years I have abused it, labelled it and not really embraced it. Don’t worry this is not going to be one of those ‘love your vulva’ pieces nor is it going to be ‘now stand naked in front of the mirror and sing ‘I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me’. Urgh. Rather this blog has been fueled by my recent breast C scare and I started thinking of all the times I compared my body to those of my more petite friends. Listen I am not small, I am not thin, I am not slim figured. Call me a fat chick. I really don’t care anymore. I ride my bike with the wind through my hair, I laugh, I eat, I have fun with my body. And all my petite sisters I am not having a dig at your small bodies, but I am letting you know that NOT all great things come in smaller packages. Hey, guess what when I look in the mirror and see my work strong arms and my soft belly and my generous strong ‘squash your head between them’ thighs I am not berating my body. Sexiness is not equated with smallness. Sexiness is a style, an attitude, the way you hold your body, the way your talk so eloquently and intelligently, the way you have your own opinions and risk being wrong and also right, the way you can stand up in a room and not compare yourself to everyone other woman. Sexiness is not equated with how many guys or girls think you are hot. It is much more subtle. It is going about what you do with conviction and passion. It is embracing the bumps, the curves, the wit, the sharpness of mind. That to me is sexy and women who display these characteristics are damn sexy.


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