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To all my friends who can recite the first few lines of “HOWL” and know what it means.

And all the confusion and the disconnection and all the family spats and the lack of spats and all the moments of awkward movement towards a truth or a lie, and all the ones you want to stay and all the ones that stay and wish they would shut up enough for you to lie your head in their lap or laugh at their jokes that nobody else realises are jokes, and all the shores and yoyo dancing birds across the sea who signal the loneliness of some strange feeling of consciousness not entirely joined to being or at least an awareness of being that sits uncomfortably with just being, and all the missed moments you can never ever get back, and all the fucks and shams, and all the delicate spider web catchings of dewy love in the early hours and all the heated skin rippling under the memory fingers, and all the cold blankets and broken things that can be fixed but are never, and all the times you had hoped for the clear moment of change to synchronise with your desire for this change but you only saw it in retrospect, and all the lost pens that never got the chance to write, thank goodness perhaps, and all the wild calls of nature that never get answered with enough panache, and all of the stories not written down well,and all that are written with lazy observations, all the masculinities lost in a sea of confusion and the femininities that will never surface to air, all of your childhood that was wiped away in one summer’s dreaming, and all of the great plains of the heart.
Live in all directions and let it go.
An owl sat in the rain and observed the sky from my back deck.


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