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Click my heals and lemon peels

It is without a doubt witchy weather. Weather to get out in the sun and wear black and let the frizz of hair takeover. It’s the weather to don your four-eyes and read some fantasy short stories–Angela if you please or listen to a radio play and lie in the sun.

But these westerly winds were a bit late this year. I’m quite sure they are a week late, but never mind I hope they stay russicking up the trees and sandpapering the sky for the next week. At night I imagine witches flying–it’s easy to do.  Witches without underwear, barefoot and cackling so much they might fall off their broomsticks.  This westerly wind must be anticipating my westerly move to Perth. Last night I was imagining what it will be like and all I could think of was growing big vegetables in the garden, and pickling them in a kitchen made of wood and glass and dried seaweed and sand on the floor and coloured lanterns hanging from the windows. I thought of chickens, gloriously dignified chickens perching with lovely feathers atop eggs and my cats chasing the dancing leaves of beetroot. Yes beetroot grown to the proportion of big tits ready to squeeze and ease into my salads.

But remember the red shoes and how Dorothy acquired them? Well if I remember correctly she landed on the wicked witch of the west. hmm. But the wicked witch of the west didn’t own them either. (This is according to the lovely saccarin fairy witch lady Glinda) But I don’t trust all that fake blonde. I know there was a musical made about the story of the wicked witch of the west.
I perhaps should have seen it. But I have my own ideas on her. I don’t think she was evil, possibly only cranky and disappointed with the witch community and with the fickle nature of female friends. Perhaps those red shoes made her feel like a decent spinster, maybe she wore them when she was having her periodAnd she had all those winged monkeys didn’t she to do her evil bidding. But what was her evil bidding? So she put a narcotic in the field of flowers so that D and the Tinman and the Lion and Scarecrow all had a nap. Ok, so that was her poppy field. She probably supplied to Oz. Maybe it was part of her personal medicinal usage. And it must be hard being green with a big nose, but I tell you those long fingers would have been great for the harp or plucking, not so much for piano work. She would probably do a good peel job on a lemon with those nails. Always the goody ‘two shoes’ with the curls and the big bright wide eyes. Not much fun for squashed witches with big noses and crooked long fingers who cackle far too loudly and probably flash private parts at lady like women.



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