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Fifteen decibels (in memory of my beloved cousin Adnan)

time is gone. and time returns. you,

with your telescopic glasses,

the most gentlest Karachi boy

with soft words and I

wondered at your fragility

in this city of blood and motorbikes

a division of time– mandarin pieces

kept in your clean warm hands

and a shalwar made out of Kashmiri snow

melting with it over time,

your voice is fifteen decibels

10819.62 km

I wanted to protect you with my fierceness

I became a giantess

and you the meaning of gentle

I think of whispering to calm the nerves

you the conduit

10819.62 km away from me

might as well be the distance from

here to Mars

but just as well for one moment

it is the distance from fingertip to pressure point on the keyboard

heart to brain

brain to fingers

but how are you dead?

I have no proof!

give me a word, a glance.

Did I know in the fragility of your voice

when I was a girl without your words,

the distance and the time that was metered out?

No…I don’t know a thing

I am just caught up in the greenery

in the art and the music,

listening for love in the morning.


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2 thoughts on “Fifteen decibels (in memory of my beloved cousin Adnan)

  1. I’ve been keeping him in my thoughts. Beautifully written my love xx

  2. licoriceallsorts on said:

    genius. divine. I long to know the fragile boy’s fate too.

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