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Publications and Awards

Peril Magazine 2013

Imran, Irfan, and the Electric Lights’


Contemporary Asian Australian Poets 2013

Published by Puncher and Wattman.

Possessed, Ruins, The Onyx Ring, The Plastic Comb Vendor, Veils as Flags, The Land of Smoke.

Highly Commended 2010, 2011, 2012.

Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize,

Queensland Poetry Festival

Cordite Poetry Review: 36 Electronica Dec 2011

The Freedom Fighter


Mascara Literary ReviewIssue 10 Oct 2011

Rooftops in Karachi


Australian Poetry Journal: beginnings Vol 1, No 1. 2011

Metaphysics, Soldiers near the Khyber Pass

Foam:e, an on-line poetry Journal Issue 4 2008



Australian Women’s Book Review Issue 142 2008

Writer and Reviewer


Australian Women’s Book Review: Issue 143 2008

Writer and Reviewer


Brisbane City Council’s, One Brisbane many stories 2008, May

Short-listed for The Storm-witch who loved the son of King Minos

Hecate 2008

Scholarly & interdisciplinary journal:Vol.34 no.2


Contributing Writer


Poetry Festival, Austin Texas 2008

Writer, performer of poetry film shown, Daughter of the Catastrophe.

I wasn’t there but good friend and fellow rebel of word and image Reverse Butcher

performed her work and showed our collaboration.


Hecate: Scholarly and interdisciplinary journal: Vol 18.1. 2006

Editorial and Production Assistant


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