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In your madness a friday

This post goes out to you. Because I know the world is full of taxis and full of take-away shoes.

So this is to you, to your madness a Friday, to your beauty that did not bow so low you forgot to rise,

to your weirdness, your perversity, your pervert beauty.

Even in this tetris game and even with your take-away shoes you cannot hide your immensity—so do not shrink

there will be time enough under the earth for that–I dare you to grow into your immensity

you brush pass the buildings, you wake the ghosts of old libraries and they tell you stories–profundity of paint

and bags that keep opening with stolen goods-vials violas a diaspora of sighs

ubiquitous love ubiquitous wild inside the lining of your skin–you sew up in your dreaming

a scramble of electronic primitive calls

A nightingale, a collision with sparrows who have taken refuge in your heart–and it flutters and it sparks these

sparrows, pigeons, leaves on a slipstream–you have to sit still and quiet to detect the currents—but you always

find it.

I am there with you.


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3 thoughts on “In your madness a friday

  1. Jasmine Jacka on said:

    Hello misbah, I loved reading “Threads and bobbbins of wild thoughts” I have missed you and you wonderful company. How can we stay in touch.Do you know my e-mail address. I would love to hear about all you are doing. Love, Jasmine

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