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the dandelions have flowers

It has many seasons since I’ve put finger pressure to keys and posted. But the dandelions are flowering and the miccy birds swoop as I walk my dog Willow in the park. Such little fierce loyal birds protecting their nests that even as I duck and avoid being attacked I admire their tenacity and their community. I’ve felt like a gypsy all my life. The urge to move is always pressing and no doubt through my father’s line the gypsy blood is strong. It is possible it lies there dormant and silent, this gypsy blood in my grandma’s veins too–for their is Irish and French great aunts and grandmas haunting the edges of family history.

I dreamt of a gypsy van all my life, of tinkering, of using all my innate creative skills–storyteller, tarot reader, singer, dancer, writer, cook, seer and crossing my palm with silver, and meeting up with other beautiful wanderers, connecting, even if briefly with other people. I understand much of the Romani/Gypsy communities around the world have been and continue to be persecuted, run out of town, vilified, because their culture is closed within itself, because they do not give up their secrets, and because they will never be owned by anyone, including a landlord or a boss. I have borrowed a book ‘Bury me standing’ and have been dipping in and out of it at varying time intervals and this book has shone an incredibly wide light on the plight, the stories and the history of the Romani people.  It’s a magnificent, and at times harrowing read, but worth every sharp in-drawn breath.

Currently we are moving in practical ways towards buying a bus and moving into it. We haven’t bought the bus yet but my partner has just passed part 1 of the Medium Rigid Licence test and tomorrow they have their practical exam. Fingers crossed!

The bus must be off-grid as we will be moving around Australia and experiencing different places and want the freedom to not have to park in those caravan places, which do not seem very quiet at all.  I will keep updating this blog with the progress or I might even start a new blog specifically related to the gypsy bus project. But now I am going to make a hot cacao on almond milk because my fingers are a little cold.



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